Mediation is an integral part of the justice system and one of the mainstays of alternative dispute resolution. We recognise and offer mediation as an option for our clients, either as counsel for the mediation process or as mediators to assist parties in an amicable resolution.

Our team consists of accredited mediators with the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”) and have experience mediating a wide range of disputes, from large commercial disputes to sensitive matrimonial issues. Notably, our Ms Engelin Teh SC is on the SMC principal panel of Mediators and the SMC panel of Family Mediators. She is also an accredited mediator with other organizations including Singapore International Mediation Institute, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, Regent’s University (London), Singapore International Mediation Centre, a certified mediator with the International Mediation Institute, a senior mediator on the panel of mediators for Law Society Mediation Scheme and a mediator on the panel of the Singapore Construction Mediation Centre.

We continue to develop and expand our practice to offer a wide range of solutions for all our clients.

Key Contacts

Engelin Teh SC
Managing Director
Linda Ong
Deputy Managing Director